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Write & Sip: An Introductory Writing Workshop

Have you always wanted to write your own memoir, short story, or your brand story but didn’t know where to start? 📔

🖌 In this workshop, expert writing coach, Claudine Fernandez will be conducting tried-and-tested writing exercises that will ignite your creative juices and turn your ideas into engaging written pieces with the help of a glass (or two) of wine!

Members: $10
Non-members: $15
(includes one drink)

Whether you’re looking to venture into writing, simply communicate better, or guide others’ to write their own stories, this introductory adult course delivers all that and more.

Unsure if you have what it takes? No problem, no prior experience in writing stories is needed. Taught by a graduate of the Harvard School of Education, the Write & Sip course is your opportunity to:
Get inspired about what topics to write about – even if you’ve struggled with this before
Create captivating scenes that wow your readers every time
Gain feedback from a highly skilled instructor to help refine your writing
and bring out your natural abilities (yes, they are there!)

… and so much more.

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