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The Experience Series with Daniel O’Connor

Turning whimsical, fun ideas into reality in a competitive city like Singapore is no easy feat. But budding entrepreneur Daniel O’Connor co-founded Ice Cream Sundays 3 years ago and is doing exactly that. What started as a way to do their part to boost the art and music scene in Singapore has gotten them the respect and love from our young Singaporean community. As an events business, throwing pop-up parties at spectacular venues with great music, food, drinks and art, they’ve also raised over $15,000 for various local charities through their fundraising initiatives.

Daniel’s passion for community building and unlocking under-performing spaces has led to his involvement in several other projects, including Urban Ventures, a placemaking initiative best known for its popular street festivals in Keong Saik.

Don’t miss out on your chance to hear from Daniel O’Connor on what it is like to be a young entrepreneur in a city that is ever-growing and ever-changing!

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📍Where: the Hive Carpenter Rooftop Lounge [Facebook Live]
📆 When: 17th June 2020, Wednesday
📆 Time: 7.00pm – 9.00pm


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