12/12/2018 07:00pm the Hive Carpenter

Entrepreneur Experiences: 4th Edition

Join us on Wednesday, December 12th at The Hive Carpenter for the latest instalment of Entrepreneur Experiences. This month, come meet Bella Khaja, Singapore’s leading social media expert and influencer and learn how you can increase your brand’s reach.


RSVP via https://entrepreneurexperiences-december.peatix.com as we discuss why businesses must step up their social media game and how they can create clout for their brand name. Join Bella in this interactive session as she drops truth bombs on what it takes to have #realinfluence on social media. So gather your friends and get your tickets now.


Topics discussed:

– What is inbound marketing?

– If Influencer Marketing is dead, where does that leave brands?

– The Millennial Question; Why they are the next generation of content creators and how can brands maximise impact with content producers of #realinfluence

– How to serve and not sell on social media

– “You don’t do social media, you be social on social media”



🎟 Members: Free*

🎟 Non-members: $5*

*One drink included


When: 7pm – 9pm, Wednesday 12th December 2018

The Hive Carpenter

36 Carpenter Street, Level 2, Carpenter Haus


ABOUT Bella Khaja

Bella Khaja has created speaking presentations for Universities, Private Events, Summits and Conferences both in Singapore and regionally. She runs Nimble Marketing Consultancy- Singapore’s first and only marketing agency that is entirely run by women and women empowered.


Professionally, Bella is best known for her inbound marketing skills and have since run some of the most memorable Social Media campaigns that engender virality, shareability and most importantly engagement. She is 100% sold on the fact that while outbound marketing is a viable strategy for a business, inbound marketing is the cornerstone of building brand evangelists- where knowledge, value and education is a long term strategy and the new currency for a modern marketer. Her proudest achievement to date is co founding FEM Bootcamp- Asia’s first and only digital bootcamp for Female Entrepreneurs.

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