20/03/2019 06:00pm the Hive Carpenter

CRIB Equip Presents: Thriving in an Age of Disruption

Industry 4.0, AI, Blockchain, VR/AR, IoT, Robotics and 3D Printing have become common buzzwords today. If these technologies pique your interest, or make you slightly uncomfortable, this session will be a perfect fit.

It used to take 20 years to make a billion-dollar company. Slack did it in 8 months. Slack – same as Facebook, Google or Grab – is a great example of an Exponential Organization (‘ExO’), i.e. one whose impact is at least 10X larger compared to its peers.

Join us as we explore the key attributes of a 10X company and the steps to retrofit your organization for exponential growth in an age of accelerated change.

Workshop objectives:

The trainer will help attendees develop a mindset of change and a greater understanding of the world of disruption.
Rob will also touch upon some of the mega trends impacting how we will work and live in the future. This includes a macro overview of disruptive technologies and a showcase of how these are becoming exponentially faster, better & cheaper. Participants will understand how we are local, ‘linear’ thinkers in a global, ‘exponential’ world. Together we will look at what an Exponential Organization (ExO) is and dive into its defining characteristics.


6:00PM: Registration
6:30PM: Presentation and Activity
8:00PM: Networking
8:30PM: End of event

Rob van Alphen
CEO School of Disruption

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