26/02/2020 07:00pm the Hive Carpenter

the Hive x Gardens With Purpose: Soap Making Workshop

Make-all-you-want at our first ever Soap Making Workshop 🧼 happening this February! Enjoy ‘couples therapy’ over the fragrance of melted soap and a thorough instructional class.

All materials provided, so get your tickets now at a promotional price of just $48 for Hive members and $58 for non-members! (U.P $68)

Get your tickets here!

Why Choose Natural Soap over Synthetic Soap?

Natural soap are made of vegetable oils and are environmentally friendly. Synthetic soap are made of artificially made detergents called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) which is harsh to the skin and will cause irritation.

The scent of natural soap are made of pure therapeutic grade essential oils while the scent of synthetic soap are made of chemicals without no therapeutic effects and are toxic to the human body.

Synthetic soaps lather a lot more than natural soaps because manufacturers add lathering agents which is purely cosmetic and does not add to any intended use. In natural soaps, the lather is formed naturally when the sodium salts of fatty acids pick up the oils and mix in with the air around it.

Highlights of the Workshop:

Understand your skin on a deeper level! Experience a professional skin counseling to determine the ingredients suitable for your handmade soap!

DIY your own handmade soap infused with Gardens With Purpose essential oils and bring it home with you!

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